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About Our Company

Located in Chicago, Illinois, UniquePak Incorporated, through patented packaging technology and its management's strategic initiative, has developed multiple product offerings directed at niche markets. These are markets which demonstrate explosive growth potential. UniquePak's management has focused on combining the company's access to packaging technology with a unique functionality, directing UniquePak toward new and unexplored competitive territory. Initial results from this continuing effort include a revolutionary new product: Asian Sun Tea.

UniquePak is focused on developing the company's exclusive rights to proprietary packaging technology through market expansion for its current product and identification of new product applications. In each of the company's entities, which include existing and developmental products, they have demonstrated significant advantages over other products. Whether a new market is being created, or whether competition exists or not, UniquePak's management performs extensive analyses toward precisely documenting the logic supporting a product's potential for success. However, underlying all of the company's efforts is an overwhelming desire to better the human condition, provide quality products for customers and create value for UniquePak's investors.

Our unique Asian Sun Tea is made with a proprietary tea process. It requires no steeping to make hot or iced tea It is aseptically processed, packaged in handy, portable single-serve packets, and provides greater than normal nutritional benefits per serving. It is competitively priced and is compatible with the bottled water craze in the United States.

UniquePak, through its access to innovative new product development, will expand the market for Asian Sun Tea to all aspects of the vast beverage market.

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