[Asian Sun Liquid Teas]
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Dear Customers:
As of May, 2013, the Company decided to discontinue the sale of Asian Sun Tea through traditional wholesale/retail sales channels.

After demonstrating the Asian Sun Tea product line nationwide during the past ten years, the Company has learned from you - our customers - that Asian Sun Tea best serves shoppers when our premium teas convenience, versatility and great taste are demonstrated and sampled.

The company has decided to best serve its customers through an independent direct sales force. For the next 60 to 90 days, the Company is conducting its Pre-Launch sales campaign before launching its multilevel company.

We invite you to explore the Asian Sun Tea direct sales and distributor opportunities by emailing prelaunch@asiansuntea.com.

We sincerely thank you for your past and continuing support!

[Get the MAXIMUM Antioxidant Effect from Liquid Green Tea]

no steeping required
instantly mixes in 16oz of hot or cold water
U.S.D.A. Organic truly great taste
convenient single packs
rich in antioxidants
USDA organic

Studies have shown green tea helps:

manage and lose weight
reduce risk of cancer and heart disease
lower cholesterol
control blood sugar
[Asian Sun Liquid Tea - Instantly Mixes in Hot or Cold Water.]

Tear the corner of the tea pack.
Empty the liquid tea into 10 - 16 oz of Cold or Hot water.
Your Asian Sun Tea is ready to drink. No steeping required.


Enjoy our unique, great tasting, USDA certified organically grown, processed, and packaged condensed Asian Sun liquid teas. Our green teas and oolong teas are naturally flavored for your drinking pleasure and can be part of a healthy lifestyle that focuses on weight management, cholesterol control, blood sugar management, and many other health benefits from drinking green tea. Because Asian Sun Tea is a liquid, produced in our proprietary process, it requires no steeping. Just pour a convenient packet into 10-16 ounces of water, and enjoy it immediately, hot or cold.

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